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IN GENERAL. - October 2017.

October - Reduced to sell - most items are less than half price as I clear everything off as I will soon be stopping running the website after 14 years so if there is something you want make sure to get it while it is still there.

September 2017 Fishing Report
Coldingham Loch was where I fished in September. I have had some great fishing in September here over the years and have a few flies which I am confident with to do well at this time of year here and into October Rob Roy and Bibio and Pheasant Tail Cruncher along the South bank, Daddy, Floating Snail, Cats Whiskers Yellow Bead both along the South bank and elsewhere on the Loch.

Everything went to plan straight away at the start of the pointed stones at the mouth of Swingate Bay with a couple lost and a couple missed straight away to a Pheasant Tail Cruncher but the cloud cover went and a bright sun coupled with the strong Northerly wind saw the fish go off completely and I failed to get anything else before dinner.

Meanwhile Gordon who I was with had caught one on a Bibio and also lost and missed fish right at the top of the West bank but also found the fish to go off completely once the cloud cover had gone. Speaking to some boat anglers at dinner time they had also lost fish and been unable to make fish stick but had lost a few fish all to FABS.

As FABS had also been the top pattern over recent days and were catching again I decided to start with them after dinner and results were instant. Fishing at Gull rock on the West bank, which was often a hotspot but strangely is a spot I have not found so prolific over recent years, I straight away had a fish to a Biscuit FAB but again this was followed by lost and missed fish as getting them to stick proved difficult and this purple patch again wore off and a long gap of no fish ensued until I fished my way around to Swingate Bay where I again had takes to the Biscuit FAB

Unfortunately I had to finish earlier than planned due to a problem with my arm but I had enjoyed some good sport and you just knew with a bit cloud cover and drop in the wind that the fish would really have come on. In fact on the better days of September lots of double figure numbers of catch returns were recorded with the stand out fly being a Daddy and on other days the stand out flies were FABS and Diawl Bachs fished under the surface with the FAB on the point and a Diawl Bach on the dropper.

For me it was on an intermediate line with a FAB but Midge tip with this method has been what the majority of anglers have caught on. The FAB I used was a Biscuit one as it had been catching well here recently and although I have not fished them a lot I have sold a lot of these specifically for Coldingham where at times I have had reports back of them doing especially well here.

Best flies in September at Coldingham are by far - Daddy, FABS, Diawl Bachs but a mention for a Pheasant Tail Cruncher which gave me a bit sport.